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Bisù jewellery


“The idea of creating a corporate brand through my personal passion for the world of bijoux jewellery has been with me since my early childhood. As a child I was intoxicated by fashion design thanks my mother, who was and still is incredibly passionate about it.
As a young child I would go to my aunt’s house and haute couture was everywhere. In fact, she was a designer specialising in haute couture in 80’s for some of the most important Italian fashion brands, for example Valentino, Moschino, Les Copains and Armani.
The abundance of sequins (paillettes), the sound of fabrics brushing together, the quality of materials, carefully hand-made embroidery lingered the house. Sewing machines, attention to detail, infinite range of colours, the elegance of the models, the sophistication of the finished product and designs, all conspired to surprise and fascinate me, and led me to create my own idea of style, one that for years has distinguished the BISU’ brand.
Years of study have been consolidated with a BA Hons in Foreign Literature and Philosophy, an MA in marketing at Bologna University and a course in Gemology completed in Florence. To complete my international profile I lived and studied for a total of 4 years in Tokyo and France. My curiosity to travel abroad to obtain knowledge of the world, together formed the wealth of experience that is totally reflected in my creations.
The passion for French and Japanese culture, together with Italian tradition all have a dominant presence in the design of the BISU’ jewellery collection. In the search for beauty, the priority is given to quality, incessant research and care. Specifically, the constant renewal, the link with the tradition of Italian craftsmanship, care and attention to the use of ethical materials are strong focus and practice of the BISU products.”
Thank you for loving BISU’ !

Love wins everything
Lì Galati Rando
Jewel Designer & Bisù Founder

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